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Yoga Services

Classes are designed to strengthen, add flexibility and calm one’s body and mind through a series of poses and meditation. Our goal is to share with you an authentic and safe style of yoga designed to improve your quality of life. 

At My Holistic Haven everyone is encouraged to work to the best of their ability. We encourage students to incorporate yoga into their daily lives.

Classes that are offered include group, private, corporate yoga, as well as chair yoga.

All classes are provided by an insured yoga instructor.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Get inspired and meet other like-minded students. Group classes include warm ups, yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques, as well as deep relaxation and are tailored to where you are in the moment. Shed layers of tension, heal old wounds and tap into inner peace. From gentle to calming, to energizing and challenging. You will find it at My Holistic Haven. No experience is necessary….from beginners to advanced.

Join me at Sands Point Preserve located in Port Washington.

Friday mornings 9-10am.

Private Yoga Sessions

At My Holistic Haven your lesson is tailored to meet your needs and intensions. A private yoga class gives you a more personalized approach. Individually tailored classes can be brought into your own home and is perfect for individuals, couples, or small groups.

Designed with you in mind, personal instruction allows the teacher to focus on what your needs are and helps you develop a safe and balanced practice. You will be encouraged to practice a daily routine at home. 

Corporate Yoga Sessions

Why not bring yoga to the workplace to help your employees strengthen the body, relieve stress, and relax the mind.  Having healthy employees increases productivity and eases the work week. At My Holistic Haven we offer programs that promote a positive work environment.

Enjoy yoga located at your office. Classes are designed for all fitness and experience levels….beginners through advanced. Our classes are offered as a 45-60 minute lunch time yoga class, as well as before or after work.

Classes are available on a weekly, monthly or as needed basis. Your company will need to provide a quiet space.  A conference room or cafeteria is often a good location as long as the tables can be moved aside for the class.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced while sitting on a chair. For some, the idea of lying on a mat on the ground does not hold much appeal. People that live with physical impairments may think its impossible to participate. Chair yoga can be a solution.

Finding a form of exercise that helps to improve strength and flexibility is important as we age. At My Holistic Haven a progressive sequence of poses and breathing exercises are offered for individuals or small groups.

Classes are offered in senior centers, nursing homes, as well as churches. 

The many benefits of yoga are well documented.