What Our STUDENTS Have to Say

Here you will find some of our testimonials.

I highly recommend Mary Lou Wojcicki-Haas!  I first started taking Mary Lou’s yoga class in Oyster Bay, at the urging of my daughter.  Since I’m in my 70’s, I was hesitant to start an exercise routine that might be too strenuous.

Within a month I felt the benefits of the class- I feel more flexible, energetic and stronger in general.  But the most amazing experience I’ve had with yoga was after the Basic Relaxation pose (Savasana). This comes at the end of a series of demanding balancing poses and floor exercises,  which requires concentration and a kind of inward focus.

I’ve never really meditated before- so maybe this is common for those who are practiced in meditation-but this pose and words helped me end the class with a stillness and calm that I’ve never experienced before.

For hours afterwards, I have to say that I enjoyed a sense of well being and even joy.  I don’t know if this is something I can achieve in every class but I hope to with consistent practice.

Mary Lou is a gifted teacher to be able to introduce yoga’s health benefits as well as its spiritual benefits to novice as myself.
For that I’m grateful.


Yoga with Mary Lou has become an integral part of my scheduled week.  We have a terrific group of people and a great teacher.  Mary Lou’s knowledge and ability to relate to all of us in a relaxed and playful manner allows us to work up to our own potential and have fun!

I feel so much better after a class and it’s because I have been given the tools and opportunity to experience balancing my body, mind and spirit.

My bone density scan showed improvement since the last one two years ago.  I know that I have yoga and Mary Lou to thank for this change.



Mary Lou is a very devoted yoga teacher.  Her classes are very healing.  Her concern for all of us is greatly appreciated.  There is always a pose or piece of information that I, as well as the class, can take home to either practice or dwell on.

It is my pleasure to know and trust Mary Lou.



Mary Lou’s yoga class has enriched my life.  I feel physically stronger and mentally energized after taking her class. My various pains have been relieved and my body strengthened.  The class incorporates postures, breathing and meditation.  Mary Lou’s guided instruction is confident and encouraging and her generous sharing of her life stories establishes a comfortable camaraderie and a safe place.  A haven.  The balance of the elements is a key part in her teaching.  Mary Lou also includes a modification in each movement for each particular level of ability.

Mary Lou’s ending to each class “May there be peace in your heart and in the world this day, Namaste” has such a lyrical comforting effect.  I take it out and repeat it in my head like a mantra.

This is a new way of living each day and you will never want to turn back.


The entire experience at Holistic Haven was just that – like being in a healing haven. The setting was cozy and calming and MaryLou’s touch coupled with her masterful energetic technique, left me floating.  Many things shifted and cleared and I gained benefit for days to come.  If you have the opportunity to experience MaryLou at My Holistic Haven, go for it!”